About us

Namo Buddhaya.

Sakyan.org is a cultural association whose institutional purpose is to preserve and promote the knowledge of Thai and Lanna Traditions (Northern Thailand) as they were transmitted during centuries through a still living Lineage.

The institutional purpose will be reached by:

  • the preservation and transmission of Buddhist Teachings;
  • the teaching of Meditative Practices;
  • the preservation and transmission of practices linked to Traditional Thai and Lanna Medicine;
  • the teaching and spreading of Traditional Thai Massage and external therapies;
  • the preservation and spreading of Sak Yan practice, Thai magical tattoos;
  • the interpretation of birth chart and chart of the year;
  • the promotion and organization of courses, conferences, consultancies, trips, retreats and activities linked to the promotion of the institutional goal thanks to the knowledge of Reusis, traditional Doctors and practitioners of Traditional Sciences.
  • the manufacturing and selling of religious items, in a limited way, to pursue the institutional goal.

The activities of association will be conducted by Reusis (as Reusi Bhālacandra), Traditional Doctors and practitioners of Traditional Sciences.

The aim of this web site is to share authentic information coming from proven sources about subjects mentioned above. 

That this may be of benefit of all living beings. 

Namo Buddhaya.