What is Sakyan.org

Namo Buddhaya.

This website aims to present genuine information from proven sources about magical tattoos from Thailand, known as Sak Yan, and related topics, such as the Reusi tradition (Lersi, Lussi, Ruesi, etc.) and the northern Thai tradition, known as Lanna.

Recently, Sak Yan has become very popular in the West and many untrained tattooists are trying to reproduce the magical tattoos, often resulting in irreversible errors. To practice Sak Yan correctly is a long and demanding process that requires initiation into a living tradition. The power of Sak Yan comes from the teachings of the Buddha, but also from animistic and pre-Buddhist shamanic practices in Thailand. To give magical power to these tattoos, practitioners must be initiated and trained by a competent teacher.

My name is Bhālacandra and I live in Italy. I received initiation into the Reusi tradition of Thailand and to the practice of Sak Yan by Ajahn Prasong, Reusi Petch Dam, Reusi Sompit, Tevijjo Yogi and other venerable teachers to whom I will never be able to thank enough for their patience and for showing me the beginning of this path.

Every error or careless mistake is my own, and in no way is the responsibility of my teachers.

May this be of benefit for all beings.

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