Enrique dianti

In 2001 Enrique Dianti starts studying Traditional Thai Massage, Old Medicine Hospital style, in Argentina.

After studying in two schools, he began to teach and he travel to Thailand to deepen the study and check if what he had learned was aligned to the Thai Tradition. He continued his studies in several schools in Chiang Mai with Ajahn Pichest Boonthume, Jack Chaya and Mr Nat, a bling Teacher. He also studied Thai Foot Massage at the branch in Chiang Mai of Wat Po School. During this first study trip to Thailand, he knew about a Traditional Doctor with whom he finally got in touch with.

In 2008 Enrique invites to his school of Traditional Thai Massage placed in Buenos Aires (Argentina), called Red Nuad Thai, this Traditional Doctor, Yogi Somananda, who finally became his main Teacher. From now on, the presence of the Teacher has continued in the life of Enrique and in the one of his school.

Visiting again Thailand for study purpose, in 2013 Enrique meet another Traditional Doctor, Ajahn Vichit Kesaraksa, who also initiates him to Tok Sen practice, becoming his second main Teacher.

Ajahn Vichit, Enrique Dianti

From 2007 Enrique keep a direct link with his Teachers and the Lineage, continuing his personal education and sharing the knowledge he learned and practice for many years. Thanks to his commitment, he could access to the knowledge difficult to find out by Westerners. Until 2018, Enrique visited his Teachers in Thailand 7 times and Yogi Somananda visited Red Nuad Thai in Argentina 10 times.