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    Practitioners of Sak Yan, not only monks

    reusi bhalacandra

    Few people believe that Thais have the lock on Sak Yans, others that monks have the prerogative of this practice. The facts are actually quite different. First of all we have to distinguish between the place where a tradition was born from the tradition itself. If we look at the current situation in Thailand, for example, we can see an increase of interest towards esoteric sciences that in many cases goes along with a decrease of the traditional Buddhist practice. Many people,…

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  • Yan

    Introduction to Yan of thailand

    Yantras have become increasingly common in the West among those interested in the occult and religious practices of India and Southeast Asia. Yantra is a Sanskrit (Sk) word meaning, “A tool…

  • Yan

    F.A.Q. about Sak Yan

    The following informations are the result of my experience as pratictioner of this tradition and are linked to the lineage I belong to. For this reasons they, by no means, want…