thai medicine and massage education

We are happy to announce the beginning of a precious and comprehensive new study opportunity in Thai traditional medicine and massage, Reusi Dat Ton and Buddhadhamma. This course will be presented by Reusi Bhālacandra, Enrique Dianti and Jessica Dafni over four consecutive years.

The theoretical aspects of the four-year program will be transmitted online in 12-week segments, once per year. The hands-on practice will be transmitted in person in 1 or 2-week segments each year (in Italy or in Thailand) once we are permitted to convene. While the online segments are prerequisite to attend the hands-on segments, it is possible to enroll in only the four online segments. 

The year one online segment of this program includes the theory of elements, traditional anatomy and the foundations of Buddhadhamma, the teachings of Buddha, which are the roots of Thai traditional medicine.

Monday 12 April 2021 – Monday 28 June 2021

9:30-10:30 am US EST / 1 – 2:30 pm GMT / 3 pm GMT+1 / 10 am GMT-3

This program offers an opportunity for non-Thai speakers to learn and to practice Thai traditional massage and medicine in connection to and in the methodology of a lineage of traditional doctors.  

A traditional doctor is a person who has dedicated their whole life to the study and practice of traditional medicine, often starting at a very young age, and to treating people with the intention of relieving Dukkhā.

Participants will be led step-by-step in the theory, practices and techniques of maintaining their own health and in offering treatment to others with a deep understanding of the roots of Thai traditional medicine that are necessary to make accurate assessments and to apply techniques correctly.

Some of the subjects covered in the full four-year program include

Herbal applications – making and using
Lanna stretching
Traditional anatomy 
Abdominal massage
and more…

Students will be responsible for securing their own lodging, food and travel arrangements for the in person segments of the program each year.

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