Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage, myths to dispel

Nowadays Thai Massage is became a typical proposal of many Spa and wellness centers in the West which want to bring an exotic and elegant touch to their services. But this science is rooted in a very old and deep Tradition and link it only to weird bodily postures is too simplistic. What is Traditional Thai Massage When we talk about Traditional Thai Massage we actually refer to a wide group of technics and manoeuvres that make external technics of…

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reusi bhalacandra

Practitioners of Sak Yan, not only monks

Few people believe that Thais have the lock on Sak Yans, others that monks have the prerogative of this practice. The facts are actually quite different. First of all we have to distinguish between the place where a tradition was…


Introduction to Yan of thailand

Yantras have become increasingly common in the West among those interested in the occult and religious practices of India and Southeast Asia. Yantra is a Sanskrit (Sk) word meaning, “A tool used to control.” In Southeast Asia Yantras are…


Interview with a Reusi

In this past year I have been graced with the friendship and guidance of Tevijjo Yogi, and was recently invited to interview him about the Reusi of Thailand. Tevijjo Yogi, wears long cotton robes, long hair, and a long beard;…


F.A.Q. about Sak Yan

The following informations are the result of my experience as pratictioner of this tradition and are linked to the lineage I belong to. For this reasons they, by no means, want to represent an absolute truth. What are Sak…